Thermal weapon sight


types of matrix with
384x288 & 640x480
of lenses
40/52/75/100 mm
models of
the new
ONE series

The most popular high-resolution matrixes with
17 µm pixel enable to locate objects at distance
up to 1100 -2400 meters, depending on the
lens size.

The number in the deviсe name (3 or 6) indicates
the matrix resolution 384x288 or 640x480
respectively. The letter indexes S/M/L/XL indicate
the lens’ focal distance as 40/52/75/100 mm.

The choice of the lens influences the optical
zoom, the viewing angle, the minimal focus
distance, the watch distance and the image quality
as well as the device’s size and weight.

3S/6S - 40mm
1100/1320 m

3M/6M - 52mm
1400/1680 m

3L/6L - 75mm
1800/2160 m

3XL/6XL 100mm
2000/2400 m

High-speed lenses with
aperture ratio F/1.0
The lenses feature high rapidity and image quality. The main parameter of the night and thermal vision devices is the aperture ratio which is the quotient of the lens’ clear aperture by its focal distance, i.e. at equal focal distances, the larger the diameter is, the higher the rapidity is. The vast majority of the manufacturers use the lenses with worse aperture ratio from F/1.2 to F/1.6 in order to decrease the devices’ size and weight.
Optical zoom from 1.7 to 7.1 (depending on the matrix and lens type)
With comparatively small size and weight the ONE series devices have rather large optical zoom. Maximal optical zoom of the sights with 384х288/640x480 matrix, depending on the lens, is: 40mm-2.8х and 1.7x 52mm -3.7х and 2.2x / 75mm-5.3х and 3.2x / 100mm-7.1х and 4.2x.
Digital zoom from 3.4х to 33.6х (depending on the matrix and lens type)
The sights feature 2x/4x (384х288 matrix) and 2х/4х/8х (640х480 matrix) digital zoom for long distance operation. Maximal digital zoom of the sights with 384х288/640x480 matrix, depending on the lens, is: 40mm -11.2 and 13.6x / 52mm -14.8х and 17.6x / 75mm-21.2х and 25.6x / 100mm -28.4х and 33.6x.


Convenient menu
At the user’s hand there is a control panel with 5 buttons; due to their ergonomic location you can change rapidly the settings by touch to improve the image quality. The central button enters the sight menu; the left upper button changes the mark color/polarity and navigates the menu; the right upper button sets digital zoom and navigates the menu; the two lower buttons change thermal sensitivity/ menu parameters.
External power supply &
video recorder connection
On the right side of the sight there are two connectors for the external power supply, which increases continuous operation up to 20 hours and video recorder output enabling to receive and record the image. The sight features from 1 to 3 Weaver rail mounts (depending on the model) to fix these and other supplement devices.
Fast switching
of the adjustment profiles
In the watching mode in the left upper corner there is an icon I/II/III depicting the active adjustment profile. For every profile you can adjust a specific type of weapon or one type for different distances, e.g. 100/200/300 m. In every profile you can perform adjustment for different distances with three (four – for the models with 640х480 matrix) zoom range available (optical zoom, 2х/4х digital zoom, 8x – for the models with 640х480 matrix). In total you can save 9/12 adjustment positions for the three options.
Ergonomic on/off lever
This solution enables to launch the device rapidly (starting time is less than 5 s) in any conditions, even in thick gloves, as well as feel the lever position without visual inspection.
Mount for any weapon
type up to 6000J
The standard rail enables mounting of the sight on any weapon type with the attached bracket. Every device is tested on the shock machine and is suitable for shooting with the large caliber weapon. It resists the recoil of the popular light calibers: .308, 7.62х54, as well as the large calibers: .30-06, .300 WinMag, .338 Lapua Magnum, 9.3x62, .375 Holland & Holland
Up to 6 hours of power from two
CR123 batteries
At room temperature the sight works for 5-6 hours with one battery pack, at -20ºC – for 3.5 hours + 1.5 hours after the sight is taken in the warm.
size & weight
Lens Size Weight
40mm 22cm 500g
52mm 23cm 750g
75mm 27.5cm 900g
100mm 29cm 1100g
lens focusing
For the model with the 40mm lens the focusing is performed by the case rotation and has a convenient notch; for the 52/75/100mm models the internal focusing is performed with the focusing pulley located above the lens.


  • Digital ENGLISH menu.The main settings are adjusted with the simple electronic menu. It enables to adjust the device once or just before the hunting reliving the hunter from extra actions while working with the device.

  • Adjustment of brightness/contrast/thermal sensitivity.Three most frequently used parameters adjusting the device for the operating conditions (time of day, season, weather). The best image is most often achieved at medium level of brightness and contrast and high level of thermal sensitivity.

  • Electronic adjustment for several distances.To adjust the sight fire several shots in the target and adjust it against the target aim point and the median aim point, then fire some other shots. Adjust the sight for several profiles (types of weapon and/or distances).

  • Two operating modes: White Hot/Black Hot.There is an option to choose the color mode depending on the watching conditions (time of day and weather). The modes depict the objects more distinctively coloring them white or black respectively.

  • Thermal-imaging matrix calibration.Due to long term operation and constant shock loads while shooting, white or black points may appear on the thermal-imaging matrix – the dead pixels, which the user can correct electronically without addressing to the service center.

  • Four reticle patterns and change of its color.For the user’s convenience the sight features four preset reticle patterns, change of reticle color (white/black) and brightness.

  • 2x/4x/8x digital zoom (for 640x480).Optical zoom varies from 2.8х in the model with 40mm lens to 7.1х in the model with 100mm lens while the digital zoom approximates the object by 3.4-33.6 times depending on the model, increasing the detecting distance but insignificantly worsening the image quality.


Freeze-proof AMOLED
800x600 display
Thermal image is transmitted to the high-resolution display enabling to distinguish and identify the watched object. The medium brightness operation does not put strain on the eyes and the performance pool is almost inexhaustible even in harsh climatic conditions.
Operation at any time of
day and year
The device operates in passive mode by the thermal emission of objects and landscapes, is not flash sensitive and does not need additional lighting.
image frequency 50Hz
Sharp image while watching and shooting at dynamic objects without image delay with fast target detection and tracking.
Detecting distance up
to 1100-2400 meters
The device is capable of detecting minimal temperature difference with reference to other objects at any time of day, through fog, rain, snow and shrubs. The low-end 3S model is capable to detect a thermal mouse-size object from 250 meters.
Silent electronic
matrix calibration
While operating, at change of the microbolometer temperature, the matrix calibrates itself without any image delay. Due to no mechanical shutter the calibration is absolutely silent. The calibration is no visible to the user and does not cause short image hang-up (as on many watching thermal cameras), which in the end will not result in missing.
temperature range
от -30 до +50 0С
Testing of the sights in different climatic conditions, including climatic chamber proved high resistivity and performance even at gross temperature change; the only peculiarity at the change is fogging of the outer surfaces of the lens and eyepiece, which can be eliminated with cleaning wipes for optic elements.
through disperse
Unlike the night vision devices on the basis of the electronic-optical converter, the thermal imaging devices are flash-resistant and are capable of detecting the thermal objects through fog, rain, snow, smoke, dust. The device has limited vision through glass, water, heavy rain or snow.
High-quality background
image around the object
The device is capable of detecting minimal temperature difference of objects and if in the vision filed there are only trees, constructions, roads and motor vehicles, they will be colored dark but in details, and as soon as a warmer object appears in the vision field it will stand out significantly.



    Despite the small lens size (40mm) due to the high rapidity F/1.0 and high-resolution matrix (384x288/640x480) the sigh is capable to detect a mouse-size target from the distance up to 250/300 m and a human-size object from the distance up to 1100/1320 m.

    This is the smallest sight with dimensions just 220x83x88 and weight 500 g. Due to the small optical zoom (2.8х/1.7х + digital 5.6х and 11.2х / 3.4х, 6.8х and 13.6х) and the wide vision field (9.3x7 / 15.2х11.5) the sight is convenient for hunting in the dense forest or among other objects.

    The low-end model of ONE series features classical lens focusing with minimal distance from 2 m and the third Weaver rail mount right above the lens for the collimator sight mounting, besides the two Weaver rails at the sides for extra equipment mounting.


    One of the most promising models of the series due to its small size 230x83x88 and weight 650g. Together with 52mm lens this sight is not only small and light but is capable to detect a human-size thermal object at the distance up to 1400/1680 m depending on the built-in matrix (384x288/640x480).

    This and other higher models of the series feature the new convenient focusing with the pulley located right above the lens, and the minimal focus distance is 3 m. High 3.7х/2.2х optic zoom (digital 7.4х and 14.8х / 4.4х, 8.8х and 17.6х) and wide vision field (7.2x5.4 / 11.8х8.9) make this devise one of the most efficient and inexpensive sighting devices.

    As all the other ONE series sights it features minimal starting time, silent calibration and digital menu which make the hunting very comfortable.


    The most popular model in the series due to its large 75mm lens with aperture ratio F/1.0 at relatively small size 275х90х96 and weight 900g. This sight is capable to detect a human-size thermal object at the distance up to 1800/2160 meters depending on the built-in matrix (384x288/640x480).

    The convenient operation is ensured by the on/off switch, getting the sight into working trim within less than 5 seconds and by the focusing ring located right above the lens.

    The customer can choose between the standard and the cat’s-eye eyepiece. High 5.3х / 3.2х optical zoom (digital 10.6х and 21.2х / 6.4х, 12.8х and 25.6х) and vision field (5x3.7 / 8.3х6.2) enable to use the device at rather long distance.


    The series model with the largest 100mm lens of small, for such a lens, size 290х110х110 and weight 1100g. This sight is capable to detect a human-size thermal object at long distance up to 2000/2400 meters depending on the built-in matrix (384x288/640x480).

    This model as well as 3M/6M and 3L/6L, features convenient focusing with the pulley located right above the lens, and the minimal focus distance is just 5 meters. Very large 7.1х / 4.2х optical zoom (digital 14.2х and 28.4х / 8.4х, 16.8х and 33.6х) with the vision field (3.7х2.8 / 6.2х4.7) makes it possible to use the devise at long distance.

    The ONE series sights feature minimal starting time, silent calibration and digital menu that is why this model will bring you much pleasure at long-distance shooting.